How to use parental control on the cell phone?

Are you worried because of your children usage of internet that is making you suspicious about them? If so, it is better to use the parental control on the cell phone so that your children couldn’t access the internet or have a restricted access. Cell phone parental controls are easiest to implement without taking the help of any other person. So, you can easily do it yourself through any of the following ways discussed below.

Set a daily limit for screen time

You can successfully implement the parental control on your cell phone through setting the daily screen time limit. There are a number of apps that allows you to set a screen time limit to every day. On such apps, you can always figure out in setting about how much time you want your kids to use these apps. In this way, you can easily control the internet usage of your children without letting them spend hours daily on this platform.

Use apps for parental control

No matter whether you are having an android phone or an iPhone, you can easily use multiple apps for parental control. There are many effective apps for cell phone parental control over the play store and app store. You can install these apps into your mobile phone and set the restrictions. As a result, your children will be able to see only a limited content on the internet that you have allowed them to see.

Use pins or passwords to access the internet or various apps

The simplest and easiest way to use cell phone parental controls is to use the pins or passwords to access the internet or various apps on your mobile phone. When you set the password, make sure that your children couldn’t guess it or fail to know about it. Keep your passwords strong and secure. In this way, you children will not be able to access certain apps or the internet because of the passwords. However, you can let them use your cell phone for a limited time by entering the password by yourself.

Control access through multiple user accounts

Most of the cell phones also allow to create multiple user accounts for using the mobile or accessing the internet. If your mobile phone allows such a feature, you are lucky! Use this feature to use different user accounts for you and your children. On your account, you can set open access to anything on the internet. However, you can always put limitations or restrictions on your children’s use of internet.

Protect and maintain the privacy of your child on the internet

Furthermore, you can use your mobile settings to protect the privacy of your children while using the internet. In your mobile internet settings, apply limitations on sharing the personal identity, or photos or various platforms, etc. In this way, your children wouldn’t be able to fully access the internet as well as different apps for any purpose.

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